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V100 Mandello S E5


Moto Guzzi opens the doors to the future, distilling a century of motorcycling innovation with a powerful, comfortable, thrilling complete bike that is packed with advanced technology.

The start of a revolution

As compact and manageable as a Roadster but with the comfort and and protection of a Tourer, the V100 Mandello is powerful, comfortable and fitted out with the very latest technology. It is the first motorcycle in the world to incorporate active aerodynamics and is also the first Moto Guzzi with semi-active suspension, inertial platform, ABS cornering and Quick Shift. A unique bike that honours a century of tradition while continuing to look to the future.


The V100 breaks the rules when it comes to being categorised, with a renewed aptitude for trips and new technologies that make the most of every scenario. With its compact dimensions, dynamic handling, comfort features and innovative aerodynamics, it transforms every trip into an unforgettable experience.

Lively and responsive

Just a turn of the throttle and you will feel the force of this bike's fierce, dynamic character, courtesy of 115 horsepower and a superior torque of 105 Nm at 9500 rpm, ready to give its all even at lower speeds, for an exhilarating ride on any surface or in any conditions.


The V100 Mandello is the first Moto Guzzi powered by the new compact block engine, a traditional V 90° twin-cylinder, but with liquid cooling.  It boasts 1042 effective cc, double overhead camshaft distribution with finger followers and four valves per cylinder, with chain command.


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